The goods I sell can't pass the examination

I want to sell my own plug-in on it, but it has not been approved

How to solve it, please?

You can share the plugin demo url here to get feedback from the fellow authors. WowonderQQ login plug-in, I have been unable to pass the audit

Don’t tell me what’s wrong

Including the failure of audit, you can’t edit it and only upload it again

I don’t understand my wrong operation

Already provided

At first thing your live preview demo all coding, documentation should write in English. One of the reason to get rejection is you used your local language.

Also please check the codecanyon requirements here:

Sorry, it’s in English

in the login form box there are only 2 social login options. you need to add more. Also there is no signup options in that box. when you will submit you should to provide login credential to reviewer to check backend. review same category approved items in codecanyon to know the premium features. Also check my above provided link to know about codecanyn requirements.