The Gem Themeforest Theme

Hello all! I need help! I purchased the Gem theme through Themeforest and even through all of the PHP option requirements for the theme are met for installing the theme demos, I can’t get any of the theme demo installations to work. I’ve tried reaching out to the theme developer support for almost three weeks now and the response has been very delayed with them finally admitting that they don’t know how to help - just that something with their theme is broken and they don’t know how to fix it. Please help!

The theme is:

If the author is not able to help you then either ask for a refund or hire a freelancer who can take a look at it.

Hi, as we have replied in your ticket there is some problem in your server configuration leading to abrupt cancellation of demo import process. As there are no error logs on your server we cannot see what exactly could be causing this anomaly. This is a unique case never experienced by our users. We have replied in with possible solutions. Please be so kind to check this ticket.

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