The Gem: cannot use GEM Blocks anymore- account is still active

Hi, can anyone help, my purchase code is still valid only the support contract has ended.

When I want to update the plugins it says that I need to activate my account, which already is activated. And I cannot use the GEM blocks anymore which is cumbersome as I am building a new web page.

Support of the GEM does not answer, hope someone can help?

best regards Joyce

Hi @JoyceOomen,

You should get in touch with the theme author. they are the right team to help on this.


Hi @JoyceOomen, one week ago we have replied on your support ticket, however we didn’t hear back. Please recheck your ticket #3064239 - it seems to be a license violation on your end, please check the details in ticket.

Hi there was a server error and I could not enter. I have been able to solve the problem. It was caused by fact theme was used for 2 websites, I now have deactivated the theme for one of those. Thanks for following up!

Thank you for letting us know. However, as we can see, TheGem is still active and running on two websites under the same license and it is not allowed according to license rules. Please remove all TheGem files from the website, which you have deactivated, and let us know. Thanx