The Galison

Bought The Galoson from you.

The themes have a few bugs.

  1. It looks like the time and weather is not displayed correctly.

  2. The adsense are not taken over. it only indicates the sources. e.g .:

or not yet uploaded banners are not displayed.


Contact with your purchase item author @themesbros right here as a comments

hope they will helped!

Hello Erich,

Thank you for purchasing, and for leaving us a review.

Regarding the AdSense issue, you did it wrong. Please go to Theme Options / Advertising / Header ad slot, and click on text, and then insert JS code. We left a note about that below the editor: “Note: If you want to paste HTML or js code, use “text” mode in editor. Suggested size of an ad banner is 728x90”

Let us know how it goes.

Regarding the weather issue - not sure what you mean. I see that the weather in the top bar is displayed correctly, and the widgets are displayed correctly.
If the time is not right - you suppose to adjust the timezone correctly first in your Settings / General / Timezone. You should set your timezone there.

If the temperature is a little different than on other websites in your country, that’s another story. We use API to get the data, and display it, and we can’t change that. Every weather API provider displays the wether data differently, and no one can help with that, unfortunately.

Let us know if this helps.

Best regards,
Sinisa Nikolic

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