The future of the web

This is how the future looks guys, the web is merging more and more with WebGL, and believe me when I say it is a completely different world.

Just give it a try to learn WebGL, I have been learning for about a year now and I am still a beginner but I am starting to get the hang of it and personally, this is the direction I want to take.

This kind of stuff can’t be cheated or copied you need to understand it and it is hard, really hard compared to normal web development this stuff is rocket science hard, also for those who said that you don’t need math to be a developer, well in WebGL is all about math you literally must think and visualize math, and not the easy kind, advanced math, but look at what it can be done!

Anyway just wanted to share a thought…

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This is not new the example you provided is mention on as site of the day there is many other complex examples like this MOTCHIRI HELLO WORLD - Awwwards SOTD
and if you look the history 4 years ago you will see many examples like that already. but in the end guess what people are still using jQuery :smiley:

I know, what got me so excited about the website is the execution, it was never done before in this way, they are actually using DOM elements to create textures and map them in threejs and so many other things, is insane what is happening in that website and the level of skill to code that is from another planet.

This is how threejs works with react/nextjs it’s not that hard as you think take a look at that GitHub - pmndrs/react-three-next: React Three Fiber, Threejs, Nextjs starter

When you will write code in GLSL for shaders you will understand what I mean!