The freedom of speach on TF?

I need to ask one serious question here, and what has happend to TF in the latest?

I posted 1 thred in here, took 10 mintues and alot of members flagged it and it was removed by 1 admin. I changed it, but honestly, the thread was censured from my side before I posted it to the new forums.

Can´t one customer complained about TF or what? Can´t I use the forums to reach out to the staff and get answers to my questions? It seems impossible because some users in here do all they can to destroy TF and mute other members voices in here…

Hello :smile:

With our move to Discourse it allows our community to be a much bigger part of the moderation process. As our community [terms of service state][1]:

Our forums are designed so that the community plays a large role in their moderation. Forum tools enable the community to determine where the awesome content is and what content doesn’t belong . The power is in your hands so please use these tools to improve your experience as well the experience of the entire community.

If your post was flagged by the community then it obviously contained content that our community found unacceptable. At that point you are allowed to change the content to bring it in line with our community values and resubmit the comment. If the comment is flagged again by the community then our Moderators will become involved.

Please remember when posting:

  • Does this improve the conversation?
  • Does this treat my fellow community members and Staff with respect?
  • Is my criticism constructive and am I criticizing ideas and not people?


My topic was constructive criticism abouth the quality of the items here on TF in the latest, and that I was forced to ask for 4 refunds in the last 2 weeks…

And that I almost lost one of my biggest customers due to the low quality of the items that I purchased from here! Somehow, some members find constructive criticism offensive… :expressionless:

I changed the thred, censored it even more but it´s still invissible!