The footer is not showing on my website

Good afternoon I have the following query,

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The footer is not displayed on my website. Then, in the field “Write here. Use markdown, BBCode or HTML to format. Drag or paste images”, we must present the problem we have, afterwards: After several updates in the Accommodation that hosts our website and Wordpress updates, The footer of our website was no longer displayed on all pages. From the WordPress administration console we have tried to configure the menu footer, configure widgets on the footer, however, we did not succeed in getting our footer to be displayed again correctly. The link on our website is as follows:, you have PHP v7.3.19 and Wordpress v5.4.2.
I attach the license,

waiting for your reply thanks


Please check the theme documentation hopefully you will get necessary help.

You can contact your purchased theme Author through Item Support page and let them know. your purchased theme Author will assist you.