The extra plugin purchase has issues and the author of the theme wont help me

The Finlon - Loan & Credit Repair WordPress Theme is great. However I am having issues with an item in the LOGIN WIDGET which was purchased for an extra fee. The widget works fine, except in the ADDTIONAL OPTIONS. The option LOGGED IN MESSAGE when enabled or disabled is causing a lot of problem. When enabled, it directs the log out page back to the login page and then opens a new logout page on a new window when one tries to log out again. And when disabled, it prevents the LOGIN widget from showing on the LOGIN page. Please is there any CSS code I can add to make this problem go away. Thank you.

Attached is the area in question. The option LOGGED IN MESSAGE there is the issue. It exhibits all the problems itemized. When enabled, it leaves a message YOU ARE LOGGED IN AS USER … when one logs out. Then if one logs out of that message, it immediately opens in a new window and it goes on and on. When it is disabled, it logs out but when one tries to log in again on the login page of the theme, the login form will not show except one then closes the browser and clears the browsing history. PLEASE HELP!

The theme becomes useless when it cannot login and log out without issue. PLEASE HELP.

Did the login widget come as an extra through the author and envato or is it entirely third party?

Moderator, or support can help you.

It came as a premium extra that was sold for $100