The error about uoloading

Hi everybody
I can’t upload anything on videohive. That shows me an error. i don’t know what is the wrong!
Sorry, something went wrong. Please come back in a few minutes and try again.


Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum.

Try with other browser or removing your browser cache.

Still not working then open a Help Ticket For Author

Envato Market Author Help Center:Here


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You can try FTP upload. There’re browser extensions to open it.


Thanks for answering.
but unfortunately I did not use the FTP and I have no experience about FTP. If in this forum or at the video hive site has any link or video tutorial about using the FTP protocol for uploading files for video hive, Please share that link to me. Thanks a lot

Here you go

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Use filezilla is free software

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Then you should opt in for FTP upload instead, it is the most certain way of uploading.

Open your FTP client and enter the following details:
Username: [your Envato Market username]
Password: [your Envato Market API key] Generate a legacy token in your profile, and use as password.
Port: 21
Click ‘Connect’ or your FTP client equivalent.

Once you upload via ftp using client like FileZilla, just refresh the item submission page and you will see you files there.

How to get an API Key

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I don’t understand what is the problem for login in FileZilla! I enter the host, User and pass correctly but it doesn’t work

have you try with port 21. otherwise please Contact Support

Anaunce from @jamesgiroux
Hey Everyone. Happy to report that the issue has been resolved and FTP should be working normally.

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