The end of the fun

I was considered one of the successful authors and had great prospects, but the price policy changes completely ruined my business. I haven’t received any invitations to Envato Elements since then, and I don’t expect to be invited again. My income has dropped from $5,000 per month to $300, and those were good times. :pinched_fingers:


We were both left out, bro) Audiojungle was my favorite for many years, but now I don’t even see the point in uploading something new…
I wasn’t invited to Elements… And no point in writing music for AJ. Now my account is reaching its end, my income has dropped 10 times, I write music anywhere in other places… but what can I do?:man_shrugging:t3:


That’s true. No way to earn money at envato without elements now.


You right. This is the end. Its not elements only, but AI getting pretty good. Sure you still can make some sales, but make living from it - not possible anymore.


And I wanted to grow to at least 300))) But it didn’t even come to that. This is pizdec…


I’m so part of this club. Rounding $2000 before Elements, scratching for $200 these days. I moved on quite a while ago, but I do miss the good times and the amazing community we were back then.


From what I understand Elements isn’t doing much better either, so it won’t make much difference if you’re in our out. I’ve never been a high earner here and I’m only doing music as a hobby, so my stakes are drastically different from most authors on Envato, but even I’ve felt the sting of disappointment in how the market has evolved. I’ve also moved on to other places, where to my surprise I’ve started earning more than on AJ in a short amount of time. It’s also easier to get my music in, because AJ started rejecting some of my tracks in recent years, tracks which surprisingly are now quite successful on other sites. Also it’s sad to see how Envato has destroyed a community that used to be fun to be a part of.


Hello All

without sounding like ranting and not understanding the while situation the digital content market is in atm, we see over and over the same “mistakes” from once “mindful” small businesses.

Getting to big and having shareholders involved, everything is about “growth” and “profit”. No, profit is not wrong, but “growing” always means it comes at a price for those who actually “work”. Once the market is saturated, “growth” can only be achieved by companies if they sell more for less, and later more more for less less.

That means, those companies still generate more income in total, while the “workers” have to earn less. Otherwise growth would not be possible.

I always hope that once small companies keep their spirit and stay at a healthy size without the need to grow more and more. Just be happy with what you earn and have, make a good living and keep it like that. Sadly, this is not human nature in most cases and i’ve seen it happening too many times.

Only solution would be, if we all as customers don’t always have the “get more for less” attitude and rather “get less for more” and therefore have a healthy balance between the cost of things and our own earnings.

BTW. I stoped doing music long ago as I have to feed a family and the market has become like working with peanuts. I still make some music whenever I have time and just keep it for myself and having fun while creating it. Often put it on SC or such for free then is I have time.

Stay positive and look for new possibilities everyone, but most importantly, self reflect on your own behavior as customers and pay a fair price for goods but less in amounts.

Greetings Daniel


I am also in this boat of not being invited to Elements when it launched. I’ve been here a long time and have been a top seller at various times on the Marketplace. However, with the focus on growing Elements for shareholders and partners being the “for-all-end-all” approach with Envato now, they want subscribers rather than customers. It makes them more money, so that’s the direction they will go.

That is the main reason I haven’t uploaded much to this platform the past year. My sales and client interaction has dropped to next to zero. I get a sale about every 2-3 months. So far this year I have made 10 dollars.

It also doesn’t help they do ZERO promotion for any Marketplace or Marketplace items. Even the Marketplace itself doesn’t promote the platform. There’s banners and massive flashy links to Elements. It’s become an afterthought these days and eventually, most of us will leave and it will become an empty shell of what it once was. Sadly.


Well, you killed this marketplace and all others that accepted Elements with open arms, you knew from day one that it would not work but still went for it for a few bucks…


You’re in Elements, not him. Didn’t you read his post?


Probably some lost relics…

Envato as a whole is a dying ship

In fact, this is an erroneous judgment. A huge company can’t just disappear, it doesn’t work that way. But Envato will change, that is definitely true now.

What they will become after a couple of years is hard to predict now. But it is very likely that the number of authors, the number of works, and the amount of money will gradually decrease.

Could this fall to some critical point? It could. But I’m afraid we’ll never know. Because there’s a good chance we won’t be here by then :grimacing:


Not sure if you’re referring to me FWDesign, but to clarify, I’m not on Elements as an author. I did, however, have a sale on the Marketplace this week, so progress. :+1:

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I’ve been selling on AudioJungle for 10 years and I’ve never been invited to Envato Elements! :rage:


And you probably never will. I hear they’re recruiting authors from outside AJ for Elements and even giving them AJ accounts even though new music authors in AJ are no longer allowed. Envato refuses to confirm or deny and just plain ignore any attempts to communicate with authors.

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