The Documenter

Are you fed up of boring text-only documentation? Is your only layout program Word? Don’t you want to offer your customer any more image less documentations?

You can stop this now!

Let me introduce

The Documentor

The Documentor was made for all the thousands frustrated and unsatisfied authors which try commit suicide because of NotePad styled documentation :wink:

I heard about some really cool guys and girls which are really good at making graphics, sounds, motions and 3D stuff but didn’t know how to make a cool documentation.

until now!

After the very popular Envatitor I finally finished my next Tool.

Actually it’s not finished and not even near at the “end” but it works quiet good for me and hope for you too!.

Now comes your part:
  • Test it, use it, spread the word about it!
  • give me feedback, which features should get included
  • Don’t forget to read the docs for more clearness
That’s all for now

Wow man that’s awesome, this works perfectly!

Give this cool cat a star!!!

gold superstar badge anyone??

Great tool!

handy. result look very nice. bravo!

this is really an amazing tool. thanks a lot for sharing it with all of us!

Wow! This looks tremendous. It deserves a nice, gold, star-shaped badge :slight_smile:

this is just fantastic! great work.


Somebody get this guy a gold star!!!

+1 for the gold star

you’re the man!

This is absolutely awesome!!

Brilliant stuff. I’ll definitely be using it because I can not stand putting together documentation, even with my own template.

Wow, this looks amazing! I’ll definitely consider switching to this documentation - I’ve been fiddling around with my documentation lately, not being able to find a proper format… Looks great!

Dude this is incredible! Had a little play around and am really inpressed!!! :slight_smile: keep the awesomeness coming :wink:

You’ve done it again, Xaver! Nice work :wink:

Thanks guys! Great you like it. Much greater is that some of you will use it!

This is just the first version, so enough space for improvements!

@CreatingDrew Thanks for the badge! That’s the only one reason why I made this :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome stuff.

Massive thanks for making this :slight_smile:

Someone give this guy a few girls and a couple of beers! GENIUS!!