The description is a little lacking.

Hello guys n girls, i have create this documentation

for a project i have submit, and i have recieve this feedback from the reviewer:

The documentation is a little lacking.

Most importantly, remember that buyers may not be technically inclined. They may just be looking for an item to drop into their existing code base. Also keep in mind that a typical user won’t really know about all the features your system brings to the table. With them in mind, you should also look into providing a quick start guide of some sort. It need not be long: a short one will do.

You can use a premade template or the Documenter tool for your documentation

Im not quite sure what i need to do more, except the documentation formating which obviously the documenter is far better. Should i speak more about the features my app is using? and maybe post parts of the code that demonstrate those features and can be reused? why it says that it need a quickstart? isn’t my installation section a quickstart?

Thanks broz

Try to add some Troubleshoot section, and some section with info about your app.
This could be usefull!

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I have also got this message from envato. I fixed it and upload it again for a review and it got accepted.
HInts: Do not use any programmatical or technical thing to do for a customer in your documentation.
Be specific and simple step by step.
Use their template or documenter for making documentation in the beginning.

Yes, after all what was needed was a simple quickstart quide, with steps on how can someone completelly alter the layout and resources of the app, thanks :slight_smile:

And finally my item is aproooved:

my description however i think is not that good, any idea guys on how i can make it better?

Yup, your description can be better organized to make it easier for buyers to get what they need quickly. It should go something like this order:

  1. A short summary of the item for buyers to quickly understand goes at the very top. Search engines will use this, too.
  2. Detailed list of functionality or features in the item. You can use bullet points.
  3. Optional demo/login information.
  4. Server, software, hardware requirements (i.e. “requires android 6+”)
  5. Optional update history or change log.

Avoid using so many preview images in the description if possible; app previews should go in the screenshots area, and anyone interested will look there.

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I have more problem with what to write not the structure. For me now it has what you say except i use many images :slight_smile: so i need somehow to rethink it. I will remove most of the images. I thought that this idea of steps to explain my app was a good idea, should i remove it and just write a simple brief description?

in my preview images im using labels to describe what is shown. i don’t see any other item doing this, is it better if i just include pictures of my app running without notes on them?

@allenherbert i have updated my preview pictures and icon with more proffesional ones. Do you think now its best to remove the images from description? (its the same images but with extra title)