The dark cloud over Graphicriver's head

Hi everyone,

About a month and a half ago, I was an exclusive author on GR and my earnings were not that great. So I decided to change the exclusive agreement to a non-exclusive agreement to sell on other market places. I now make more money than ever because where GR offers 36% of my sales as a non-exclusive author, others gladly give 70%, it makes a whole difference!
I then realized that before in my category, which is “brochure”, most recent items had 1 sale whereas now there are about 3 sales per page. The drop is important. I think GR is greedy and takes a too much big chunk off of our sales. It doesn’t seem coherent anymore these days on the market. 50% as an exclusive author where others are at 70% non-exclusive! How long GR will keep it up before to line up with the others? I think this is an important question that GR has to think about.

It reminds me the story of Quarkxpress which was the leader software in Editorial Design. And as a leader they had the power on the market but didn’t bring anything new or different. Until InDesign came along. Quarkxpress didn’t feel threaten but in a very short period of time thanks to an aggressive pricing strategy and a way better offer, Indesign got the attention of the industry and many made the switch swearing never to go back. Quarkxpress, because of their stubbornness, blindness and perhaps pride, lost the war. They kept their price ridiculously high regardless of the rising competitor and didn’t innovate thinking that they got it all sorted out. They only made their customers very disappointed and most felt let down. We all know today which one is the leader now.

I might be wrong, but with the competition being more generous and giving a fresher view of what it is today to sell on a market place, GR is exposing itself to a serious threat that if not taken care on time might most likely hurt them in an irreversible way. It would be a pity to see that happens but the way I see it, it is only a matter of time if GR still think it got it all figured out.

What do you think?

In my opinion, they should remove exclusivity or give us 60% - 70%. I am very grateful to Envato, but the tax for US sales really hit me, so last month I decided to try the other market and I had a surprisingly good experience. I also uploaded the same item here on a new non-exclusive account, and with only one item I made it to the top of the list of “Top New Authors” from may 2016, but you know how much I earn from 12 USD item sold to a US buyer? Not even 2 USD !

I understand that they have bills to pay, they have god knows how many reviewers and they need to hire new people because the market is growing fast and the review waiting time seems to be incredibly slow to some authors, but a partial solution to this would be to ask new authors to show some sort of portfolio to prove that they are good enough to upload items here.

Hi @devotchkah,

I agree they should remove the exclusive agreement. I should consider myself lucky because as French the tax is 0%. However I didn’t complete the W8 tax form so I don’t get much either. But this is the tax side which there is nothing we can do.
In order for them to give us more than 36+% they have to change their strategy. The others do it differently and it works great. I don’t see GR system as being sustainable in the near future.