The code quality still has many issues

Hi greeting everyone, please i need some clarification regarding my apps i submitted, Some couple of weeks ago i submitted an app to codecanyon it includes

  1. android apps
  2. larval script
    after the first submission , i was asked to work on my documentation and few other stuff, now i have worked on the documentation plus few other stuff i got a mail few days ago that am almost there but
    The code quality still has many issues
    so am little confused because it was not specific on the exact place of the code if is the larvel or andriod apps but google to google this on help i saw it has to do with java script, so i dont know if any one has encounter that and what the right approached of solving this even when it not specific thanks.

I am not sure about their item approval policy, but our 1 items were rejected as the reviewer was not able to install. Even we had shared video documentation and 30+ articles about installation. It looks like approval was very much non-technical and rejected the item.

I submitted another project now and unfortunately the item goes to the same reviewer. He now asks for write documentation about “how to create database, how to upload files in FTP” etc.

Such a shame!

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i think most of the documentation required , if for the customer to be able to work through to make installation by itself, however the messages such as this "The code quality still has many issues
" should be put in clear terms , specifically where issue are so we make amends if possible