The character ' ' is not allowed in tag names

Good call, @mgscoder, I missed the sneaky “Elements” category at the top of the article I linked. :man_facepalming:

In that case, this error makes no sense at all! :confused:

I am also confused. I am not sure may be @OrangeDoorStudio is also an envato elements author, so that single word rule applies to his item. or some thing really wrong with tags as like: many more words used for each tag and there was a ‘and’ word may be ‘and’ word not acceptable for DB query (sql injection) or something … :thinking:


Today I saw this error for the 1st time in AudioJungle upload (not elements). Yesterday I could use the tag “Hip Hop”. Today I have to use Hip-Hop instead. :smiley: Can anyone confirm this?

I wonder if this will be applied to all existing items as well? :thinking: