The chanegs are not enought PSD



Hello, all.
here is a final design that I sent for review last time

here are fixes that had to do

and here is final design based on review…

please, help me, I’m a stack, I don’t know what are wrong…

And another question, all images free and has to license on modifying… but reviewer asked to replace it…

Best, Alex


I’m assuming there are also many other pages?

With respect the reviewer is spot on with that feedback. If you fix the typography (incl. the font choices and hierarchy) then this will help greatly with the readability

E.g. The “organic food” title, main nav and esp the copynbext to the chef are all hard to read (font choice etc)

Without seeing the other pages it’s hard to judge exactly but the design and style does feel a bit outdated and over done.

Stuff like documentation is a basic requirement and it’s pointless submitting items without making sure all of these are addressed properly.


thank you for your reply, here are other pages:


That title font (lobster?) really doesn’t help.

The fruit with white border (i get its part of the design) makes it look a bit forced and out dated.

Those two features alone make the whole design feel a bit childish and simple - it was quite common a few years ago.

Generally the spacing needs work too and elements need to breath more.


please, explain what you mean “hierarchy”? based on my screens, thanks

and here is recreated design based on your comments, hope it’s better now