The broken Salient Theme


Recently there is a problem on my website. When I wanted to edit my site, the visual composer shows nothing on the screen even I put on new elements. I can still click on the elements but nothing to show on the editing page afterwards. When I want to activate salient visual composer, there is also an error message showing as follows

Cannot redeclare class Vc_Manager in /home on line 35.

So I have gone through some of the suggestions which suggest that it may be due to plugin errors. I deactivate all of them but the salient visual composer.

I can only click on the button + of adding new elements, but then nothing to show on edit screen.

I think it’s gonna be the compatibility on the theme, so I click on the theme page and there is a message showing

The parent theme is missing. Please install the "salient" parent theme.

So how do fix it? this one does trouble me for a bit of time already T_T

Hi @gabriellaw,

Welcome to the forums! Please get in touch with @ThemeNectar, the author of Salient theme for support:


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