The best way to update a theme?

I manage a couple of sites. I also have the annual subscription to Elements and I intend to renew it. A couple of the sites’ themes have updates available, for example, one uses Skudo. When I buy a theme from ThemeForest I get great update integration into the admin panel. Elements doesn’t have this, despite the Envato Market plugin being installed. Disappointing, but whatever.

I go back to Elements, download the latest theme, go to the Wordpress Appearance panel and upload the theme manually. However, this doesn’t work correctly. I either get an error saying the destination folder already exists, or it uploads the theme as a duplicate.

Maybe the theme’s author, in this case @Upper, could do something to make the update process smoother, but since Elements doesn’t offer any way to track licenses, this puts them at a disadvantage because they don’t know if I’ve paid for the theme or if I’ve downloaded it from an illicit website.

Wordpress used to have a terrible reputation because so many sites used out-of-date themes and plugins, that they were easily hacked and/or full of spam. Wordpress has greatly improved the situation by making a smooth and easy update process. If sites built with themes from Elements are hard to update, they’ll fall into the same problems as before.

There needs to be an easy and error-free way to update themes downloaded from Elements or the themes and plugins need to be removed entirely.

Here is another example, this time the Souje theme by @Burnhambox. Note, I am not saying that the theme author did anything wrong—rather, this is a problem with the way the Elements tools deal with Wordpress products that need to be kept up to date.

There is no notice that a theme update is available. Turns out, this is an important and major update!

I cannot even tell if there’s an update available, because the Elements website doesn’t show version numbers. I pop over to ThemeForest and find the theme to see if there’s an update. This is very inefficient!

So I go back to Elements, download the zip file again, go to Wordpress, try to update, and I get this message:

There should be a better system for this.

P.S. I will tell you why FTP is a terrible suggestion:

Let’s say a file in the theme is vulnerable, like the major TimThumb problem from a few years back. A common way to fix problems like this is to delete the file from future products.

If I unzip my theme and upload it over the old version using FTP the vulnerable file will not be deleted—it will stay on the server, unused. I will get a false sense of security, because I have “updated” my theme, but the insecurity will still exist, available to hackers.


My opinion get in touch with Envato Elements Support Team they will be help you out from your update issue .


Thanks, I have sent a support request.

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