The BEST time for upload!

As far as I know, any thing is to dial the week 7 sales to hit the top.
And there there is the question: when should we uplload tracks?
Week starts on Monday, so we need to download the track on Friday (10 days is middle time) so our track is reviewed on Monday.
Does it make any sense?

The best time? Right now! Then close the browser and keep working on the next item. Then upload that one… repeat


not in year end days, rest all is fine

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I may be incorrectly put it. Every week a list of new items updates. Every item has to get 7 sales to the rest of the weel to get to the top. I have many times faced with the fact that my item was accepted on Friday, then I have no sales at weekend, and on Monday it is no longer in the list of new items.

Maybe you should check this thread and plan your uploads

Yeah, thanks!

But if it’s accepted on a Monday morning then it’s probably gone by Tuesday, or even Monday afternoon. At least having the item approved late on a Friday, it’s usually up until Monday.

But what dtbaker said. Just upload it when it’s complete and move on. It’s going to sell or it’s not going to sell… having an item on the front page for a few hours mid-week isn’t going to turn it into a record breaking item. I’m no sales and marketing doctor, but if you wait four, five, six days to get that sweet spot of home page exposure… you’ve also missed out on four, five, six days of sales!

I see a good number of people with regular sales have their own external website, a YouTube channel, a Twitter feed, and they work with Videohive authors to further market their music within the Envato marketplace. I think self-marketing outside of Envato is more important than when you upload your music into a heavily saturated and less than impressive search engine. Actually, I doubt that matters much at all. As a buyer, I only care about new items if I’m a regular on a site. If I’ve never been to the site, or rarely go, “new” items don’t mean any more me than the “old” items. If I wasn’t directed to a specific profile by someone’s self-marketing campaign, I’m just going to use the search engine to find what I want.

Keep in mind that I could end up being distracted by a set of “best seller lists” and skip the search engine entirely, but that’s a whole different topic.

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As @dtbaker said, the best time is NOW!

Thank you guys. You are right! Lets create more good stuff instead of waiting fot the best moment!

Best time are the beginning of the month and the beginning of the week.

Why do you think so?

Just my experience

These discussions have been part of the AJ forum since forever.
Because music is an art-form people tend to forget that in an open market place it is OK to have (legitimate) marketing tactics.
Even the biggest artists on the planet won’t release their music without at least considering the release date.

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Yeah, it’s always tactics and strategies behind the scenes. Thats why I want a few artists to share their experience.