The best PHP framework?

Hello, after an hard rejected item, due to no framework, i think i need to update my skills, and learn to use some framework. Can you guys advise on which one is the best, simple and quick learning framework with nice documentation and examples for a php developer to use?
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You can learn Yii or CI (codeigniter)



Thanks @acew. Which do you consider to be the best solution for the future?

CI is best.

Thanks :wink:
I’ll give it a try :stuck_out_tongue: Do you know any good online tutorial? (Yes, i know Google :-P)
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Laravel is the best framework for me :slight_smile: you can check documentation:

Thanks @anon76201707 :wink:

Hi @acew,

You work with it?
Can you let me know if i need to use the default helpers from CI to create my functions, or could I use the default PHP language to create my functions?

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Hi EZCode

“stumbled” across this thread because of the title then I noticed in your thread ‘after an hard rejected item, due to no framework’ For me this ‘is a worry’, we all know that PHP is widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that has been around since 1994 (incidentally when I started to program in PHP now that takes me back is is now 22 years ago - aghhh :)) anyhow, what worries me is why we should have to use a framework at all, sure many people do and many people like them, but to me if your php is clean and tidy (and obviously functional) why ‘add’ to the product by requiring a framework (which might even put people off because they are a codeigniter, Laravel, Yii, Symfony ‘only’ person)

Sure I acknowledge that frameworks:

  • Make speed development possible
  • Provide well-organized, reusable and maintainable code
  • Let you grow over time as web apps running on frameworks are scalable
  • Spare you from the worries about low-level security of a site
  • Follow the MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern that ensures the separation of presentation and logic
  • Promote modern web development practices such as object-oriented programming tools

But a ‘solid’ reliable php person should write good clean ‘pure’’ PHP that should do that anyhow.

Just my 2 penny worth

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Hi @Kwikbitzonline, thank you for your reply on this thread.

And this is the point that i don’t really get… Nowadays, maybe the frameworks are cool, and are being lectioned at schools, but they weren’t on our school days.
If I have been developing a clean structure for about 10 years that let me work faster and way simpler that using a framework, why do my code shouldn’t be accepted?!
If we have a nice support system to help our customers, why did my script wasn’t accepted?
It’s kind of boring to be working on something for about 5 months, including design, programming, documention, and then this work isn’t accepted.
It’s frustrating to work, and sometimes leave other works and familly time behind just for this.
I also agree with you about frameworks. They are nice , for the MVC structure. But if my own CMS already have that structure and works without bug free, why shoud i need to relearn how to code, and lose 6 months learning a new way to program? PHP works fine, Security measures are OK… Why?!
And if we provide a totaly functional website with admin panel, with nice and responsive methods, that don’t require people to change code, why does this shouldn’t be accepted? In case of any issue, customers can contact us for support. Actually they pay for this, along with the script…
If you want to take a look at the hard rejected item, you can see it here:
You can register with your email, or some other email.
If you want to leave any feedback, you are also free to do that. :slight_smile: You are more than welcome :slight_smile:

Best regards.

I used to work on ZF (Zend Framework) and it’s pretty robust, ideal for large scale information systems, but for all the others CakePHP is the way to go.

Laravel is the way to go!

Just wanting to clear up some confusion. The original post is incorrect, the hard rejection was not due to a lack of framework. Frameworks are not required in CodeCanyon, however they are recently being recommended.

If an item meets all official requirements to be approved, and is deemed valuable by the reviewer, it will be accepted without a framework. It could be soft rejected with a message to “consider using a framework”, but this is optional. You can ignore it, resubmit, and say in the “comments for the reviewer” that you do not want to use a framework.

Feel free to continue uploading without any frameworks.


Hi @baileyherbert

‘At last’ :slight_smile: a sensible and understandable answer for everybody - there ought to be a way to highlight it as a good reference point - TY on behalf of many