The best downscale method?

Guys, what is the best downscale method for you? When I downscale 1920x1080 to 640x360 in after effects, image is little blurry, with sharp effect its little better…

What is the best downscale method, to keep all sharp edges on texts, graphics, etc… ?


You don’t have any choice of the interpolation algorithm used in AE, so the only thing you can do is unsharp mask / sharpen it afterwards (which I find really ugly).

If you take it into Nuke, Shake, Fusion, then you’ll have the usual choice of filters:

box, sinc, lanczos, mitchell, gaussian etc.

Personally, I prefer the soft look to the sharpened variety anyway. I can spot digital sharpening a mile off with my good eye closed. And it looks cheap.


Thanks. So it’s true that ae dont have any good resize algoritm… :S

I just downscaled my new preview to 1/3 of hd in virtualdub with lanczos3, its better.