The beginning of the end of royalty free music?

The artificial intelligence has composed a song.
Is it the beginning of skynet and the end of royalty free music?
Imagine the near future in which you can compose an original song just by tweaking a couple of parameters… Nothing groundbreaking (…but show me a royalty free song that was both successful and groundbreaking…) and maybe with very little “art” (how many royalty free song are?), but still useful and ideal for a corporate/ uplifting /“inspiring” project…

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If this is the best it can do lyrically/etc it won’t replace songwriting any time soon, but yes, not inconceivable that it’ll be cranking out decent instrumentals soon enough…

Yes maybe it’s the best it (he? she?) Can do NOW… But in 10 years? In 50?
Think about the very first cars with respect to horses… And what are cars now… :fearful:

A dozen years or so ago AI wrote a book. And guess what writers and poets haven’t died off yet:-)

And also we (authors) are much cheaper songwriting machines than an AI. Do there is nothing to worry about:-)

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This is very interesting!

Also, some time ago I found out about an AI program that generates Computer Science research papers. Surprisingly, some of these generated papers were even accepted at science conferences :slight_smile:

This is the future, I guess :slight_smile: But even then, think about the international space station, about the airplanes and everything. Machines can think, yes, but people are still necessary too!

Artificial Intelligence can be used for many things but not for creating any art (in this case music)
Art can’t be achieved without feeling, which a machine will always lack…I’d say at least for 100-200 years from now :slight_smile:

Let’s speak frankly.
How many “feelings” you hear in an average corporate, inspiring, uplifting track on audiojungle? Or even in a nowadays background music for a movie or TV series?

Imagine a test in a near future. Same corporate video: one audio track made by an “average” human composer and an audio track created by an advanced artificial intelligence. I think the chances to identify the human composer will be very low.


“This is dying” , “that is dying” , “the end of oil” , “the end of the web” , “the end of the working class” etc. etc. - It’s too early :wink: Nothing is dying :slight_smile:

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I think there are still many improvements needed to make “inspiring” track. I’ve tried a web that used AI to make a song (forgot the name), and the song it made are still below standard because I think it’s just combining loops.
Maybe you’re right about 50 years later they can make music better, but of course with human controlled them. The AI will just make our working flow easier because art will always need human. :smile:

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This AI just analyzes a bunch of MAN made music and “write” something that sounds-a-like.
Yeah, big part of the commercial music is just a “sound a like” today, but nonetheless this AI just imitates something made by humans through math.
I’m not worried to be honest, i’m just… well, disgusted :slight_smile:

AI replacing just about everything we do seems more or less inevitable. Luckily music and art are some of the harder things to replicate via AI, so people like us should be some of the last to be made redundant by superior electronic minds.

I hope I live long enough to see it, but I hope it happens after I retire.