The beginner need your advice πŸ™‚

Hello everyone!

I am a beginner web developer from Uzbekistan, I am 16 years old.
Has recently I decided to create a blog theme for WordPress, I created a few PSD, but then at me have appeared concerns about the design. Is it worth it continue making the theme and upload to thmeforest?

Screenshots: Home, Page, Gallery.

Waiting for your advice, thank you :slightly_smiling:

PS: Sorry for my English

I can’t see your screenshots.

hmm, at me all displayed, but I uploaded them again)

Now I see them.

In my opinion, the design looks a bit basic. I suggest you work on it a little more before submitting files to ThemeForest.

You need something that will make your theme stand out more.

Thank you, I will continue working :slightly_smiling:

It looks very basic, you have to keep working.

Improve over typography, spacing, white, colors, uniqueness. etx

You have to create something new, I encourage you to review the most popular articles and give you an idea of the quality and design.

You have a good future

Good luck

Thank you)