The babies are back in the oven

Hey guys.

Two weeks - two hard rejections for two different projects.

I am here to try to improve them, take the babies back to the oven and then re-upload them.

Could you be awesome enough to share your thoughts?

Christmas Project:

Reviewer said - "We have a lot of Christmas Projects and this one does not meet the quality standards.

Logo Reveal -

reviewer said - “It does not meet the quality standards”

Both of them the same automatic reply but still - and this was discussed over and over and over on the forums - would be nice to learn more why a two or three weeks of work is closed with an automatic reply :slight_smile:

So any thoughts on how to improve them?

Your opinion might also be "Forget them, they are bad - move on " :smiley: fair enough.



This could apply for the first one Christmas project

About the second one, I´ve seen approved projects with similar quality these weeks. It doesn´t mean that your project is ok, I think it needs more work around design in general, the final flare looks like disconnected from the rest of the animation, besides there are already too many of these kind of project styles, so there´s nothing new or original in yours. There´s a point when it all depends on reviewer´s criteria, and we all have to deal with that. Maybe “move on” could apply for this one too.

Anyway, keep working and don´t give up :+1::wink:

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