The Author of my Theme Appears to have Stopped Supporting it

The author of my Wordpress theme, Ryla, no longer has support as an option for this theme:

How do I get the support I need? We still have 9 months left of support.

Hello :slight_smile:

Authors can stop supporting their items for a number of reasons. It could be something simple like not having the time to respond to support queries or something more complex like they plan on retiring the item. If you have concerns you should check out the item’s Comments tab and FAQ section which can be found when viewing the item on the item page before submitting a support ticket.

The author will have to honor any existing support entitlement you may have remaining.

If an author advertises their item as including item support, you have a current support entitlement, and you are not provided that support in accordance with the item support policy the author should provide you with a refund.