The author is gone, the topic does not work

The author is gone, the topic does not work.

After updating WP, the plugin designer stopped working correctly.

Thread Starter resigned; There is no way to write to him.

The author of the plugin says that this does not concern him. The plugin comes bundled with the theme and refuses to update it. And offers to buy the full license separately.

The site has stopped working correctly, nothing can be updated or edited.


If it is bundled with a theme then this is the responsibility of the theme author , and tha tis who you need to talk to if you have not already.

Posted by: ClusterThemes

How can he be found besides envato, or where do those who support envato give them his contacts? I can not find anything on the site except this forum

That’s the theme author or the plugin author?

When did you buy the item?

This is the author of the topic
It was bought somewhere at the end of 2017. The template is about 2 years old

The challenge you have is that envato cannot guarantee the lifespan of items.

If it was within the 6 months support period then you may be entitled to a refund, but a purchase that is 2-3 years old unfortunately will not be covered by this.

You could look for a freelancer to help resolve the issues

It’s sad. You will have to buy the plugin then, faster than looking for a freelancer who will do the same.

thanks for the info

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