The author does not provide support because of my nationality.

I saw a similar message in the product description, and I also have a friend who didn’t receive support from this author because he couldn’t even activate the theme. He requested a refund, but they refused to give him his money back, citing this statement in the theme’s description. Is this legal?

Kindly note that in accordance with international laws, as well as the national laws of Ukraine and the United Kingdom, our services are not available in states considered as terrorist or recognized as sponsors of terrorism. Our servers are not accessible from IP addresses and domain names originating from these states. Additionally, please be advised that we will not be able to provide any refunds corresponding to such cases.

Contact Envato support

Yes, I wrote to Envato a few days ago but still haven’t received a response. I told the author that they are not acting correctly according to Envato’s policies, which they have agreed to, but to my surprise, they don’t care. This power elite author , and I thought they would be more professional and civilized people.

Allow 5-7 working days to get a respond, they are pretty slow.

And request refund if you haven’t already:

Envato has gone full woke …
i think I am done with them

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