The auther has agreed to refund.

Approved 8 days ago
Why have not you give me the money yet?


Open a Help Ticket they would like to assist you with an official answer.



Have you checked your Envato account and your Statement:

If item Author approved refund request and received the refund approval email from Envato then the refund money should to credited into your envato account and you will be able to see statements in the above link.


Hi everyone :pray:t2:

I’m in a great trouble of misunderstanding the subscription plan price. :persevere:I genuinely believed that I was going to pay a monthly subscription price, yet, I was so shocked to know that I’m being charged a full-year-plan price.

I’m going to have a serious financial issues if I don’t get a refund soon. :persevere:

I’ve submitted a request and my ticket number is [Removed By Mods].

I’m now being left wondering of what’s gonna happen next and how long I can get the money refunded.

Thank you so much! :pray:t2:

Hi @stefayuwiko at here(EnvatoForum) no one can’t help you out from your issue. Envato Elements Support team can help you out from your issue wait for their reply and share details with them they will help you out from your issue Keep patience Until that.

Thank you everyone! I’ve received the refund.