The advanced item that I working for more than two years rejected.



Now i am sure you don’t understand my theme, The latest, vote, unanswered is a tabs to sort the questions so i don’t need to change the layout of the posts for each sort :frowning:

Look here:

What are you found? The list looks pretty much the same.


Here everyone is trying to explain you that something is missing from your theme. I am a designer first and then developer so as a designer what I see in your theme is just every where blue bars, lack of white space, typography issues. And the main reason for rejection is design of your theme and functionality/features are secondary in your case.

Give more focus on the UX/UI part of the theme and this could be a good starting point.


With respect - you asked for public feedback and all we are doing is giving that. Of course it is your choice weather or not to agree with it.

For what it is worth:

  • Filtering categories doesn’t provide post types e.g. video, gallery, photo, text, audio etc.

  • The other has things like help pages, more post options/sorting (yes your’s can be filtered but this is different from sorting), all may feel small and insignificant but come together to make it more complete.

As we said your’s has some nice features esp. the user lists etc. but that doesn’t mean there is not room for improvement.


They must said but you didn’t get that

Take a look on this screenshot: Here is your rejected issue


They said your rejection issue why your item rejected.
you can open a Envato Help ticket as a Author they would like to assist you.

Envato Market Author Help Center: Here


Hey @Wisttler,

I totally understand how painful this feels, but I encourage you to PUSH through it! I’ve done a quick mockup on a design perspective you can take a look at. These are subtle tweaks, but something along the lines of even flatter and more minimal may be the right idea for this theme. A more modern effect for the sidebar items (perhaps cards or modules) could work.

Saying all of that to say, DON’T give up!
Dion Lynk


Thank you very much for trying to help me and for your advice, I change now the header and make it more modern and easy for use and build a footer and the theme now looks more beautiful, The problem with me now only the sidebars can’t understand how can develop it :frowning: but I understand your advice to make it perhaps cards or modules and I think this is a good idea I will try this now, Thank you again.


Agree, the overall design bothers me. Looks quite poor and unfinished. It’s typical of great coders, so not your fault.

The real issue is the design. Good web design is not about following principled rules. Beauty is in the eye of your beholder and this is something that takes a tremendous amount of skill and experience and to my eye, your design is incredibly difficult to read.

It literally looks like a website designed by coder, seems pretty deserted with no sense of community. Re-work the design and change it completely (100%) and resubmit as new :cold_sweat::disappointed_relieved:

Good luck mate! Never give up, never quit :muscle:t5::muscle:t5:


Thank you for your reply and for encouraging me to don’t give up, Can you please tell me exactly what’s need to change? As I mentioned in my last reply here, I working now to make the header and footer and sidebars more modern and easy is there something else?


@unlockdesign, @Schiocco, @mgscoder, @charlie4282, @Bickyg, @DionLynk, @Typps

Here are the results after applying all the tips that I got.
What’s the next step?

Thank you guys :slight_smile:


Already looks and reads loads better, and you’d spent less than a day tweaking it. Imagine where you could be in a week. :smile:


Thank you very much @ToneCrate
If you have any idea to improve it more please tell me :slight_smile:


Looking much better.

  1. I did not like the Get in touch button like section in the footer
  2. How about try a lighter grey as the background
  3. For me the box borders are looking abit blur it might be because of the border color and the background color used there.
  4. More space to each section may look good
  5. Bottom section with views, answers how about decrease the font size by 1 or 2 px and less padding top and bottom
  6. Are these two elements of same font size?

Some of my personal thoughts.



1- In your opinion remove it is the best or develops it?
2- After some tests yes you are right lighter grey is better
3- Are you mean make the border darker?
4- Between each question or each widget? or both? I use the same space that popular site is used like twitter and facebook.
5- Bottom section of the widgets or questions?
6- No, But I make theme same.

Thank you very much.


You know what could really help you? Watch this series, trust me:


Thank you @Darinka, I will watching this videos but can you please give me feedback for this screenshot:

  1. You are using blue every where how about try another secondary color for these elements so that your call to action buttons standout:
  2. May be you can try removing uppercase from these headings:
  3. May be you can decrease the top and bottom padding of this section because I feel like its looking bigger then other section:
  4. I assume that you will have different category for each post so how about introducing different colors for different categories:


Thank you @Bickyg, because of you still with me :slight_smile:

1- In my opinion using another color will make the style looks very bad, Popular sites use a secondary color with white in everything like Twitter or Quora.
2- Done
3- Done
4- About the image that you have added “Poll” is something like an alert that this question is a poll not normal question, About different colors, it’s very difficult because this kind of themes maybe have hundreds of taxonomies when you create a question users can add new topics to the site like stackoverflow, Also this is a place to share a knowledge it’s not a forum.

Thank you again and I hope if you have any idea please tell me.


The theme seems half-way through to finished. There is so much to do still, esp. in terms of aesthetics - it will not come naturally to you right this week, this month or maybe even next year. There is so much you need to finish and alter and change and it will require you learning and training your design skills. I can only make some simple suggestions with this iteration. It will be harsh, but don’t take it personally. That’s just how it came to my mind.


@Darinka the design needs more than one month and maybe one year? :smiley:

“Wrong color and uninspiring font on the logo”
Answer: This is the theme logo the theme will get rejected and the reason is the theme logo not good? Also please known that this is for demo purpose anyone will purchase the theme have the ability to upload their logo and about the colors, yes I know this and I solve this yesterday.

“The border-size is 1px, 2px, 3px…”
Answer: Sorry but it’s not 1 or 2 or 3 it’s 5 :slight_smile:

“Headings in content are uppercase and these headlines…”
Answer: I also solve this 2 days ago.

“Suddenly there’s an icon with a logo…”
Answer: I solve this 2 days ago. ( And also anyone can change the footer logo from the admin panel :smiley: )

“Columns are too close, bad spacing…”
Answer: I also fixed this and now footer is more advanced and working by bootstrap.

“Only 3 posts?..”
Answer: Again this is a demo purpose and anyone purchases the theme have the ability to make the count of posts anything and in the default, it’s 10 but I change it to 3 to don’t make the height of the image very high.

“Why are the grey circle? No images?”
Answer: Yes, this is a default image and means that this topic doesn’t have an avatar yet.

“Icons look like from 3 different sets…”
Answer: This is related to font awesome 5 the icons not have the same height and width. I have done my best to make them in the same line by using verticle-align.

“Border-radius all over…”
Answer: The sort and filter button and search bar I already make them equal and about the widgets and posts the border-radius is the same 5px.

I need to say thank you very much for your time but I do not agree with you that the item needs more than a month and maybe year :smiley: I added this screenshot to just know I am in the right way or not, I didn’t say I finished.

Here’s a screenshot with the last updates: