The advanced item that I working for more than two years rejected.



for more than 2 years I working 14 hours in the day to make a very advanced theme with a very advanced code quality and modern design and the result of all these efforts is the item get hard rejected.

I just need someone answer me.

Why a very advanced theme like this get hard rejected?

To test the theme:

The features list:

Please, anyone, answer my question.

NOTE: Any features you will see it is included in the theme I only used two plugins for the demo WPML and WooCommerce.



Thanks for asking your question at Envato forum

study about themeforest wordpress

**study about themeforest wordpress

study about WordPress Theme General Requirements



You made a great work. Don’t give up your item is good technically, it just need a better design. Review all your design and improve everything you can. Don’t spend less than 5-6 days on it or you will get another reject.

Also my advice is to add some standard page, like about, contacts, a home page.


Also from my experience, more advanced and different mean: more difficult to get approved. So again, don’t give up.


Thank you for your reply, But the item got a hard-rejected and I can’t re-submit it again, The second sure an advanced item like this will not be got a hard-rejected because pages the users can add theme very easily


I do all of this and read this articles many times :frowning:


then improve your item design quality


Are you try to say that the design quality is not good? This design is not good?


nope make it Themeforest quality standard


The design is not enough good. It must be less technical and more modern/detailed.
You can re-submit it again after you made a big change on the design so it can be considered a new item.


Please check the popular sites like Quora and stackoverflow you will found that their website is very simple and at the same time very advanced and modern like my theme, Can you tell me exactly what’s the thing needs to improve? In my opinion, if this design is bad then Quora and Facebook and Twitter design also are bad.


Hi @Wisttler

As far I have checked you have made a FAQ theme, Your concept is fine but don’t mind design is not meet as a theme standard. If it was a plugin design then this would be possible to get approval. So, please study on some best seller theme and improved the design with some premium features and submit again as like a fully new theme. As this Item got hard reject then there is no chance to resubmit gain.

I really appreciate the effort and time you’ve put into creating This Theme.
Best of luck for your next submit.



Trust me the problem, not because the design there’s something else but the problem that Envato didn’t tell me exactly what’s the problem. If the problem because only the design why I got a hard rejected?


There are definitely some nice features and a solid starting block but still:

  • You are right it is not jsut design but this is still a sizeable factor and needs considerable work and modernisation

  • Having several void links makes it feel unfinished

  • The demo feels quite slow to respond and navigate

  • What’s the relevance of the shop and watch, t-shirt etc? Feels very disconnected from the concept of the site?

  • It could probably do with more features and versatility e.g. post types, greater distinction between posts in votes/unanswered etc.

FYI comparing yourself to other sites on line is the worst thing you can do for your sanity and because stock marketplaces do not operate the same way as regular sites or development


Please answer by yes or not, Design like this:

Is better than my design?


Why would you compare your item to one built in 2014?

The most recent one in this category does look similarish to yours but still offers more to it etc.



I can understand you got much shocked. Please keep patience. If you check theme approved at least 1 year ago and within 6 month approved theme you will see currently approve theme is most high quality and many more premium features. As I said if it was your wp plugin then it can be approve.

You can also seek inspiration from top sellers and most recent trending items and also going back to the design stage and considering wider industry trends - such as


  • Having several void links makes it feel unfinished: That’s mean that site like Quora is also unfinished right?

-The demo feels quite slow to respond and navigate: This is a problem from my hosting you can make a speed test and results will be from 92% to 94%.

  • What’s the relevance of the shop and watch, t-shirt etc? Feels very disconnected from the concept of the site?: This for demo purpose only to say that I support WooCommerce plugin that’s only and any good theme making this.

  • It could probably do with more features and versatility e.g. post types, greater distinction between posts in votes/unanswered etc.: Everything you say is available please spent only 15m on the site and you will see how much this theme contains features.


Can you share links to the post types and distinction in question types? All blog posts seem to be the same style and type and if we click , latest, vote, unanswered, the list looks pretty much the same


Do you mean this?

Please tell me what’s in this theme not included in my theme?

I have studied all competitors to ensure the success of the product, My theme has a hundreds features not included in any theme so please answer my question to can understand more.