The AdRev and FUGA support have not been responding for several months.

Hello everyone! I want to delete all my music tracks from AdRev, for several months now AdRev and FUGA support have not responded to messages. Has anyone encountered this problem, how was it solved?


What are you using to communicate with them? Are you using the contact form we were provided years ago? If so, that would explain there lack of response, that old form hasn’t been working for years. I had the same issue when I left, didn’t get any replies from them when using the form. But when I mailed them directly, they replied right away.

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Oh, my friend! That’s exactly what I did, I sent messages through the contact form. Can you please share their email address? I can’t find her in any way.

I was using at the time, but I would be surprised if it still worked.

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Just checked, there’s a contact option in your dashboard. Mail is


PurpleFog, thank you! :blush: I will write to these email addresses today.

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Just use the second one. The first one is most likely obsolete.

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