The accordion in WPBakery page builder doesn't work. Using Zephyr theme.


I am using the Zephyr theme and building pages with the WPBakery page builder. However, the accordion item in the WPBakery page builder does not work. The accordion expand panels do not expand when I press them. The only thing that happens is that the screen gets scrolled down but the accordion panel doesn’t expand/open.

You can test the bug yourself, press the accordion panels under the title “Tränings schema”. You’ll see that they don’t open/expand and that the screen is scrolled down. On this page:

I also get some console errors when the page is initially loaded. You can check the console, if you want, I don’t know if those errors have anything to do with the accordion functionality or not.

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Contact with your purchase item author @UpSolution hope they will helped!