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haha :smiley: it’s kind of weird how you guys react to things , I just wrote a question asking what are the software you using to make kind of music in audiojungle and no one answered , so I tried to delete it then I couldn’t so I only edit it to " hello , I like music , thanks " and surprisingly I found 8 replies … wow
anyway thanks guys











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Can you develop a little please? :flushed:

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Do you know about LOGIC or REASON?.. Cool stuff!!! :wink:

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no, i have no idea how to make music, by the way, i don’t have an instrument , can I still make music only by software?

It is possible to do it all in software, yes, but if you have no idea how to make music, be prepared to learn a lot of stuff. :slight_smile:

Reading about theory can help, of course, but some musicians still create great music without knowing much about it. But do yourself a favor and learn at least some basic chords to get you started, etc.

All kinds of software can make sounds these days, so pick one, learn it, pick another, learn it. Plus, if you have a chance, get a keyboard or a guitar, because they are great tools to learn about music while having fun.

I don’t think there are many shortcuts to get to a comfortable point, though. Book some learning time, have fun and experience should probably do the rest.

Good luck!

I use Logic Pro X and a simple AxiomPro 61. You assing an instrument to the AxiomPro61, then (if you assigend a drum) you record the drums, then you can proceed with a bass line and so on. Basically it’s really easy to start. Obviously you’ll need some time in order to learn all those little things that, in the end, can make a huge difference.

I bought a Yamaha SU10 sampler and made some pretty snazzy choons just with samples of stuff. None of them would be accepted on Audio Jungle though… the world just isn’t ready for my crazy future music.


That’s exactly what they said about Kanye West.


thank you so much for your positive reply, much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Thanks all of you :slight_smile:

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Dear Abdinho,

just a theory: “hello, i like music” is a simple statement which demands simple replies… “what softwares are you using” is an open question and the reply is a poem, this might discourage peple to join the conversation i believe… :smiley:

…and here is my poem:

you can definitely produce music (in many different genres and styles) with software only: software that anybody can simply purchase/install without additional tools. Mike Verta used to say “all you need is a laptop and a pulse”. However, some pieces of hardware (e.g. external controllers, soundcard) might be necessary at some point.

The very first step is to purchase a DAW (digital audio workstation), this is meant to be the core of your computer-based production and it will merge all your sound sources (whether they are vocals, external instruments or virtual intruments) into a consistent workflow. There are many DAWs out there, most of them are suited for Win/Mac either and some have entry-lever releases that can be a good starting point (e.g. Cubase Elements).

Whatever the DAW, you will find good enough built in sound sources (virtual instruments and samples). It’s very hard to give advice on DAW choice, i am a Steinberg user and i fell in love with Cubase workflow the very first moment i saw it/tried it, if you have friends who make music you could have a look at their setup, otherwise you will find many walktrough videos and reviews on YouTube…i could have a look at them and see what DAW inspires you, you can always switch to a different one in a second time (most people do it). AudioJungle composers use Cubase, Logic, ProTools, Ableton, FL Studio, Studio One and many others…

How to get started? You are a PhotoShop user and you are certainly able to import a MIDI file into your software and see how it’s done (some information on the MIDI protocol), YouTube tutorial might be another helpfuk resource.

At a certain point you might wish to purchase new sounds, again: whatever the DAW you will find separate additional soundsets (sold as plug-ins) that you can use within the main software. There are too many option and AJ users might have all sorts of advanced plug-ins, depending on the musical style of their productions… there are synthesizers (e.g. Zebra, Massive, etc…not my field of experties), drums (EW ProDrummer, EZ Drummer, etc…), orchestral ones (Vienna Symphonic Library, Spitfire Audio and many, many others).

If that’s your first time and you are not sure, please have a look at this free online DAW Audiosauna, it does have limited features but it’s a good way to start drawing notes into the MIDI-Key editor (as you shall do within your software) and it’s fun.

Is that helpful?

Cheers :sunglasses: