That Old Chestnut of "Licensing"

I read through the Terms again because it was highlighted on top of a page and am puzzled by this line…

  1. The items on Envato Market are owned by the authors, not by us. We provide a platform; we do not take ownership of the items.

If an Author decides to let a user use his item on unlimited websites…as is their right if they own the item…how can they be bound by Evato’s Licence terms?

I understand they set the terms on their marketplaces and in order for exposure, authors adhere and follow the party line…but as Frameworks have sprung up with unlimted licences…who enforces it?

You own the item and have full rights to the copyright and can refuse to sell it on Envato’s websites at any moment, you can either provide Envato shared rights or exclusive rights to the item. Depending on your item “agreement” means what you or Envato can do with the item

You are not providing the license, you are providing Envato the rights to sell your item under their license to their buyers.