That not fair envato :)

I Designed This business Card with perfect size and perfect distance between texts .
Main file with PSD.
Fonts folder.
information card text.
Read me text .
perfect preview image .
and Thumbnail .
Why refuse :sweat:

No. For a start, why is “Tag Your Slogan” crammed in so close under “YOUR COMPANY”? It’s both hard to read and ugly to look at. You need to improve the typography to get it approved, especially as it’s a very simple design, it needs to look fantastic.

There is a distance between them and the distance size like the midleline’s size aand it’s simple right that is speacial of this card .

Design is quite simple, the fonts are quite basic, I think the icons are too small, the tagline is too close to the text above, ‘your’ is too close to the shield, the preview image doesn’t look very natural… I’m afraid it’s just not up to the standard that’s being accepted these days.


As others have said it all fees very cramped.

  • There’s inconsistency in spacing and margins

  • Icons do feel small (and squashed together) compared to text

  • is there a straight on mock up?

  • what does the other side look like?

  • design generally is very simple


It’s no use telling us the spacing on the text is right. You need to train your eye to understand typography better, and you’ll see that some of the spacing isn’t right. And like the others said, the font choice and overall look needs to be better to get approved.

Ok thank you so much for advise <3

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thank you all for your advices