That how ThemeOxygen works

Hi sorry but dont continue to press with the support envato it s a queue for support.
you give one star for the support and pretend also the answer immediatly.

lol this response i got from author and i waited like 2-3 week before given the star.

This is how envato works it looks like give the money rest is not my problem.

i am really sorry for who buys from here.

Seems like the replied almost immediately to you and went above and beyond to help?

What exactly is the problem?

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Yes. He told me that i send my message but never got any notification about it replied so i though author didn’t replied now he is telling me you gave me one star and i am not giving any support to envato so what should i do?

They cant refuse support for 1 star rating however:

  1. Bear in mind it also states 5 working days for a reply

  2. It depends on what the request was as to if they need to help. For example in your posts if “scrolllify” is not included then there’s no obligation for them to help with it. If that has been added on and creating a knock on impact then that is also not their responsibility.

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the help is about their design not working well at mobile not about scrollify i can do it myself.

but design itself when i tried to go other section at down it act like it reload itself and go top of the page. anyway i got

lesson from here if you don’t know how to code don’t buy.