Поясніть чому цей товар не відповідає загальному комерційному стандарту якості? Thanks.

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Hi there chuvak, that is a truly brilliant piece of music but l’m guessing the vocals might have required clearance? Sounds like Lady Gaga. Apologies if you do in fact have the clearance. Other than that l cannot think what could be wrong.

Thanks. I have a license for all samples that sound in the track)

Maybe anything after 1:44 is pure repetition, like a disorderly retreat. I think a popular EDM trope these days (just like old times) is to play the lead melody with a vocal sample, so that could be an alternative way to give closure to the song.

Really though, l actually came back a few times to listen because l liked it, l don’t really know what’s wrong with it.

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Also, maybe the reviewer thought they heard a swear word in the vocals?

Surprisingly, vocal loop are product REFX