Thanks to the team of inspectors

I want to share my experience of working with emotions. I confess that I have never experienced so much anger in all five years of my work on stocks. So thanks for the opportunity to practice, really!

I tried to find correlations of the number of rejects with: the content of my works, with the color gamut, with the presence or absence of lens flares, with the day of the week of uploading, with the time of day - in general, with any criterion not related to the quality of my works. Because I am sure of the quality of my works, their good merchantability, the quality of the naming, and the reliability of the releases. For five years, I have an approval ratio of ± 97% on other stocks.

The only correlation I found in this rejection rampage was the number of works being loaded at a time. Perhaps the inspectors (or the robot?) have some kind of order about how many works should be randomly rejected in the batch. The peak of the frenzy was a couple of months ago – I uploaded a batch of 85 works of completely different subjects and with different models. 80 of them were rejected (sic!). Nonsense. Then, during, probably, 5-6 batches, I was uploading 20 random works of mine and stably 14-15 of them were accepted per batch. Then, within five or more batches, the number of accepted works dropped to a stable level of 7-9 works out of 20 :no_mouth:. The only correlation that I could find.

A couple more thoughts:

  1. Every reject letter contains the cute imperative “Visit our forums and ask fellow authors for feedback. Our helpful community will be glad to lend a hand.” I came here to this forum and found that there was no understanding among the participants about rejections. Mostly complaints left unanswered by the team.

  2. Actually a friend of mine once recommended me to sell works via Photodune. And we both know very well (because we have experience working together) that the quality of my work is better (including tagging and naming). Nevertheless, her rejection rate is completely different: in a batch of 30 photos, an average of 2 works are rejected.

  3. If I read the adjacent message threads correctly, is there a practice that with a certain percentage of rejections I can be banned? Is this beautiful rule still in effect?

  4. Will the approval ratio change after a certain amount of accepted works? For example ±500 items? I heard such guesswork from other sellers who are ± successful here.

I especially like the state of vague confusion which i dip into when at the same time Photodune awards me the Featured Author status and at the same time rejects 19 out of 20 works from the batch. Perhaps this is exactly the state that the ancient philosophers talk about when describing being.