Thanks for recovering my account!

Hi all, long time no see~.

My account was deleted after when I had clicked the button ‘delete this post’ on my comment post about two weeks ago. And now I just came back. There was maybe some mistake. My posts were gone and it’s okay as they did not include any important content, but it was too bad that my post for the laptop sleeve contest had also been deleted which was over. :droplet:

I just wonder that if there’s someone who experienced such situations like me(‘delete this post’ button), and if I can press the ‘delete’ icon when necessary again now. I wish I could delete my own post directly, but for now it seems that clicking the trash icon delegates the delete operation to the forum moderator on Discourse system.

By the way, I like this Discourse forum system, but I do not like the complexity of the installation and management. Is there any PHP based forum system which is very similar with Discourse in terms of its functionalities? :blush: