Thanks for adding "Project Feedback" and "Looking for"

Thanks for adding those two new categories. I only just noticed :slight_smile:

Most posts are about these so it was getting a bit frustrating seeing so many of them and not having a way to filter.

Also, was this announced anywhere? It’s still a little tricky for me to know if I’ve seen everything

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great, now I can hide those categories :slight_smile:

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@revaxarts have you figured out how to hide tags?

after “muting” those categories my home page looks MUCH nicer. But I’m still seeing quite a few “audio” tags. Any way to hide these?

@dtbaker you should check out the official announcement at the Discourage forums. I guess it’s this plugin

my post was removed by Akismet !? Are we not allowed to post links to other sites now? :no_mouth:

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yea weird. fixed.

I’ve asked here:

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haha well it seems “hiding a category” is actually a bug. When you “mute” a category it shouldn’t dissapear from the main topic list.

Muting tags is working as it should. Those tags do not show up in the “unread” tab.

Muting categories is working as it should. Those categories do not show up in the “unread” tab.

But we get the added bonus of also hiding those categories from the main thread list.

So I guess we just have to view the forum through the “Unread” tab, and just skip the main thread list.

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This is what I ll do by now, seems like a good idea :eyeglasses:

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