Thanks, Envato



Thanks, Envato. October was my best month:

  1. Best salles
  2. I get Author Level 3
  3. I had one feature item - One Click Premium Halloween Text Effects Vol.1
  4. My item has been selected for “free file of the month”
  5. And many other pleasant things

So, I’m happy :smile:


Congrats !!! God bless you with more !!!:wink:


Congrats! @manachin :tada:


Wow! Great achievement! My CONGRATULATION to you mate!!! :slight_smile:


Congrats! :+1:


Wow! Amazing! Congrats!


Congrats! Its Amazing moment.


Congratulations! @manachin :+1:


Congratulation @manachin :tada: Good luck for more :slight_smile:


Congratulation :sunglasses: Go Ahead …


and here I am still trying to find my 1st sale :joy:, well done buddy keep it up :slight_smile:


You will do dude :slight_smile: just make efforts, that’s all about :sunglasses: