Thanks Envato - Here are my Improvements

Hi guys,

this is my first time creating a topic here on Envato Forums - so please do not judge me :smiley:

I am a CodeCanyon author and also providing some items to Elements since 2016. CodeCanyon is wonderful for a small company like me handling everything I do not have the time to and I want to give you guys a big THANK YOU.

While writing this article I also have a purpose of Improvements, maybe some Moderator can give further to the Envato Team. I may be one of 100, but I hope you listen to me guys :slight_smile:

  1. Elements Users are constantly contacting me asking for support and I always have to ask for their Purchase Code. I know this is not unavoidable (via email, message etc.), but Envato Elements can not Buy ONLY support without buying the plugin.

So: Please make a only buy support (maybe through Elements) for Elements users. This would be perfect

  1. Pricing structure - welll I really like, that I can now set my own prices for my items. This is really good and I can control special campaigns etc. But when I look into the countries where my customers bought my items, I can see a decrease in some countries like India.

As you know the currency rate, the salary / wages differ from around the World it would be a very good thing to make also country (or region) specific pricing. E.g. in Germany $20, but in India $9.

So: Please make it possible to set a custom price by Country

  1. Reviews without a text why giving for example 1 star should be disallowed. I mean in general all reviews by customers should have a text explaining why they gave the review. This would also improve SEO for Envato, but also explain to me as an author why the users gave me a rating.

So: Please only allow rating WITH a reviews text

  1. My last topic - Google Indexing. Today when you add a video to your elements on Google Search you only see the Video + Title on google Search Results. You do not see the description, Stars / reviews and not the last updated date.

So: please do not show the video in Google Search results (it looks like youtube and users don’t click on it), but keep it as it is like you would have no vide.

Thats it - I know developing is some kind of hard for my requests, but I think this would definitely would improve the Envato Sales Platform at all,


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