Thank you! New here and the 1st sell and badge reached. GifCreator :)

Hi guys,
Today i reached my first level badge and sell to my parallax action. I know it’s just the first badge but i’m happy and proud of me that one man has found what he wants. Good luck to all and thank youuuuu! :slight_smile:

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:sparkles:Congratulations and welcome to community!!!:sparkles:
:boom::dizzy:It’s just the beginning, more to come! :boom::dizzy:
P.S. Really amazing and helpful item!

Congrats! @GifCreator First sale is very special for everyone, so congratulations once again and good luck in your next achievements! :tada: :wink:

Congratulations @GifCreator :tada: It feels really good to see new comers doing excellent work. Good luck for more badges and sales :slight_smile:

Congratulations !!! I wish you many sales !!! and success in work !!!:wink:

Thank you, thank you all guys :smile: I hope one day will reach you :blush:

Congrat! @GifCreator :tada: :wink: