Thank you for submitting the wrong form.....

So I have been an affiliate for a while and got a payout. I submitted my w8 form since I am a nonresident and you guys filled a 1099 form instead of the correct 1042.

This now causing me major problems so how do I go about getting this fixed? I’ve been trying to get hold os someone for 6 weeks now via the tax email you provide.

As usual no reply… I’ll just quit as an affiliate.


@freestylebullet unless you use the email form, your voice may remain unheard on forums…:

We picked your enquiry up 4 days ago and escalated it to our finance team who have told us they will be reaching out to you directly to provide feedback. You should expect this within 48 hours. If you still haven’t please email us at and we’ll endeavour to update you then.

Thanks again for your co-operation,

I never heard anything back form this? Whats the deal? The mistake you made was pretty bad since I’m not an american…

Do you guys plan to fix this!!! Now I have to pay tax in USA and I"m no even from there

Unless I’m mistaken, you’re considered an American tax payer until you complete the W8… so anything you earn prior to submitting the W8 will be classed as earnings by an American and reported, filed, taxed and withheld accordingly. I could be wrong, but I think that’s the issue here. But hopefully support can look into this and provide a solution.

Just replying again lol… still no reply as I still have an issue with America.

So this is what happened… Im in NZ and we have a double tax treaty 10% on royalties and commissions are not royalties but you still files them. Clickbank and every other program seems to know this but you guys don’t and still messed things up for me.

So can we sort this please?

Hi @freestylebullet,
Not sure I follow 100%. Would you mind emailed me a detailed explanation including which W form you have registered and I will personally escalate this to the tax team -