Thank you for giving me a chance

World Beyond started with Envato, when I uploaded my first commercial track Heroic to the stock music website AudioJungle in November 2011 and earned my first 7 dollars. As a university student I needed money to be able to ask a girl out on a date. With AudioJungle I felt like I could finally choose my own path which was a great feeling. In the light of recent events with Envato suspending all payments to Russian authors, I took a decision to delete my Audiojungle account and all the items from the Envato Marketplace because I feel like with bombs exploding and people dying just across the border now is probably not the time for music. There are no hard feelings associated with Envato’s decision either as things are complicated today for everyone involved with this military crisis. I guess I’m just very tired and stressed so having let go of my AudioJungle account, there will be one less thing for me to freak out about. Thank you for giving me a chance and thank you for having been a major part of my life.
It’s time to move on.


Just remember we love you. :heart:

Be safe!

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I understand you, I write and my fingers tremble. almost 7 years ago, in the most difficult period for me, I came to Audiojungle. I rejoiced at every sale and thought that I had found my calling.
While others are angry on the actions of Envato, I want to say thank you, Envato. Thanks for the opportunity
Take care guys in these difficult times.


Thank you for taking a chance with us. Ten years and 1100 sales is a huge achievement (and I hope that date went well too, all those years ago!).

There will be more information coming out tomorrow, regarding the full impact on payments across the different services - but I also appreciate and empathise with the need to reduce the sources of stress in life, and I respect that your decision has been made.

If a future path beyond this war brings you back, we will be waiting to welcome you. Until that time, I wish you all the best :green_heart:

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