Thank You Envato! My first Broadcast Licenses!

Hello! In June I had a birthday and I received from Envato amazing gifts in the form of extended license. I do not know, coincidence, support the Universe, or Envato makes gifts for birthdays all parties), In any event, I’m happy that my music someone likes and brings life and light into someone’s projects.:grinning:

These tracks: (Fairy Flight - Music Broadcast License 10 Million) (Cheerful Whistle Children - Music Broadcast & Film License) (Relaxing Orchestral Piano - Music Broadcast License - 1 Million)

I wish you a creative mood, happiness and extended licenses!:grinning:

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Congrats, mate!)))
Had same situation in May (my birthday in May) - many sales in birthday, extended license (3) and a few days later “Music Broadcast & Film License”. It was amazing gift!)

Wow nice job @IlsafMusic!!! I love Fairy Flight, nice composition, would love to know what string libraries you use.

Thanks, Bro:grinning:

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Thank you:grinning: I use different strings in the same project)) basically, La scoring strings

Congrats…Saf14…!!! :slight_smile::notes::musical_keyboard:

My birthday is in August, let’s see what he will bring me!

Congratulations mate :slight_smile:

Congrats dude !.. come on august ! :slight_smile:

Congratulations! Your music deserve this! :wink:


I Wish the same gifts:wink:

Thanks a lot:slight_smile:

Thanks, Bro:slight_smile:

Thanks a lot, wish you success:grinning: