Thank you AudioJungle, once again! 17k views in 24 hours!!



Hi guys and girls,
I just wanted to express my thanks for this incredible market place and community. It’s long been my go to place for all my audio needs.
I just posted this Christmas themed film on Facebook, and it’s already exceeded 17,000 views in it’s first 24 hours:

I’ve also uploaded it to YouTube, as that’s perhaps more accessible via the forum. But the YouTube link hasn’t been shared at all, and so it doesn’t have the hits of the Facebook link.

It’s a short film I made to document our local town’s annual Christmas fair/lights switch on. It’s become a family tradition for us to go to the event. It’s where Christmas really begins for us.
And this year, as is increasingly the norm for every aspect of my life these days, I went with my camera in my hand. I edited the film over the weekend, and posted it to my timeline. I thought at best it might accumulate a few hundred views. But no, it’s quickly went into the thousands, and is (at the time of writing this post) currently sitting at almost 18k!

The response has honestly been overwhelming. It’s be so warmly received. And that’s largely thanks to the music, which was created by your very own @AudioPrince!

So there you have it. I just wanted to reach out and express my thanks to you all. You all rock. And AudioPrince, great work! :clap::ok_hand::santa:t2::christmas_tree:


17k hits in 24 hours thats great :slight_smile:


Fantastic video @wRenderFarm - thanks for sharing it with us :slight_smile:


cool video congrats !!! @wRenderFarm !!!


WOW! Really amazing!!


Hey, that’s not just usual private cam footage, that’s absolutely great work which warms up peoples heart and conveys the lovely feeling of christmas time, especially for children. Really great work and well deserved clicks. Many more to come.

Congrats and thanks for sharing. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the lovely responses everyone. That’s really made my day :slight_smile:


Great work!


Fantastic work!


Cool Video!!! Congrats! @wRenderFarm :tada: