Thank AudioJungle For Five Fun Years!

We’re coming up on our fifth year anniversary on AudioJungle. Just wanted to take a moment to thank Envato for making it all happen. When I started with AudioJungle, I also bought a used pick up truck for personal use and my band to travel in. Every month I’ve used the royalties to pay off that truck. Several months ago, I’m happy to say, it’s now ALL paid off. Some months it covered the entire payments, some months it didn’t, but every dollar helped. Royalties will now go to the new RV for the family. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Envato for making this kid’s dreams come true. Cheers!



Love hearing about how you’ve used your AJ funds to help your life @thesensercomplex. :smiley: Congrats on paying off the truck, and wishing you lots of great sales to help with the RV!

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Nice personal story thesensecomplex! It’s good to hear about the fruits of your labor here in the jungle!

Happy anniversary, and congrats on the success! (and the sweet RV!)

Congrats on the success thesensercomplex…!!!Beautiful RV… :slight_smile::notes::thumbsup:

That’s awesome, @thesensercomplex ! So cool to see how everyone uses their earnings.

Congrats, nice camper!

Grats ! Nice RV :slight_smile:

That’s some inspiring stuff right there! Really happy for you!

Happy anniversary, and congrats :wink: