hey guys!!

So I’m currently in Sri Lanka (and loving it!!) but will soon be flying to Thailand… anyone else from this neck of the world? :slight_smile: Will spend a few days in Bangkok before heading up toward Chiang Mai where we plan on stopping for a couple of weeks so I can do some work :slight_smile:

Hey we are from Sri Lanka. So how is our country? :smiley:

I think one of my cousins owns a hotel in Chiang Mai. Thinking of doing a bit of the old digital nomadding next year, so I;ll have to look into that. Still figuring out the plans, but I’m thinking Bangkok, Phuket, Chiang Mai, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sydney, LA, Las Vegas (World Series of Poker!), Florida, Ecuador, Peru, Chile. I was going to go to Sri Lanka, but it turns out RnRVFX is from there, so I’ve crossed it off the list :wink:

Might just end up being a weekend in Skegness, but time will tell!

And the reason for crossing it off just me or ? :smiley:

Yeah, it’s just you!

No, Sri Lanka looks really good, and it’s ‘in the area’ so I’d be daft not to check it out. Seems like you can get to most countries in the vicinity of Thailand for not much more than $75 a flight, which is pretty reasonable.

hi Bangkok is a great choice :wink:

u are right indeed , if select low cost companies which are way better than western low cost and much more comfortable, u can get really good prices indeed

The European low cost carriers aren’t too bad, it’s just that it’s always hard to get low cost long haul. Norwegian are trying to fix that though… I checked the price of a flight from Malaga to Sydney, and the cheapest I could find was about £700/£800. But now Norwegian fly from Malaga to Bangkok, you can go there, then to Bali and then to Sydney for less than £300. Bargain!

ok, good to know