TH-THEME18 and WPML problem

I need help to configure WPML (version 3.9.3) into Wordpress 4.9.4 and RtTheme18 (version
When i add Language Menu the placeholder is display correctly but the language menu doesn’t show lang text.
Inspecting website i look that tag that contain language text have this property

#navigation_bar ul ul > li > a span {
display: block;
font-size: 11px;
line-height: 100%;
padding: 0;
text-shadow: none;
display: none;

of course dispay:none doesn’t allow text view as showed on attached image.

How I can solve?


It’s probably color issue. You may need to change the font/link color to black

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I already change all color setting available, no result on website but it’s correctly showed in example plugin page

Contact WPML support. They could provide free help

I try